Iraq: 2 Rockets fired by Iran-backed terrorists at Baghdad’s International Airport

BREAKING: At least two Katyusha rockets were launched by Iranian proxy terrorists towards Baghdad’s International Airport.

There have been no reports of damage or casualties so far.

Military bases hosting US troops in Iraq and government facilities have been attacked by ballistic missiles from Iran and mortar shells launched almost daily by local Iran-backed terrorists, before and after the elimination of arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

Several rockets were fired last week towards the fortified Green Zone area of Baghdad, which houses foreign embassies, including the US Embassy, and Iraqi government buildings.

A launcher was found in the Al-Rashidiyah area in northern Baghdad following the attack.

The Katyusha multiple rocket launcher is an inexpensive type of rocket artillery that can deliver explosives to a target quicker than conventional artillery but is less accurate.