Muslim terrorists in Gaza launch bombs attached to balloons, threaten to turn southern Israel into hell

The Grandsons of Nasser terror cell in Gaza announced the renewed launch of firebombs and explosive devices attached to balloons towards southern Israel, threatening that the coming days would be ‘the beginning of hell” for Israeli civilians who live in towns near the Gaza border.

The Muslim terror cell published videos and images of a large batch of balloons being launched towards Israel and threatened that they would be launching 1,3000 bombs attached to balloons today.

Countless firebombs and explosive devices attached to kites, balloons and booby-trapped objects, including books and toys to lure Israeli children, have been launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza in recent years.

Thousands of acres of land were burned with incendiary devices attached to balloons. Much of the land was farmland on the cusp of the harvesting season. The fires also destroyed greenhouses, chicken coops, agricultural equipment, and water reservoirs.