Violent Muslim riots in Yaffo: Hundreds of terrorists throw rocks, fireworks at security forces

HAPPENING NOW: Hundreds of Muslim terrorists are rioting, waving terror flags, burning tires, throwing rocks and fireworks at security forces and vehicles in the Arab neighborhood of Yaffo in Tel Aviv.

The riots started as a protest for the killing of an Arab man who was shot during a chase in Jerusalem, and a protest against the start of the construction work at a site where two years ago archeologists uncovered a Muslim burial ground.

The protests began peacefully at the Yaffo Clock Tower square but quickly spread and turned into violent riots as Muslim terrorists began throwing rocks and fireworks towards security forces and vehicles.

An Egged bus was heavily damaged with the vehicle’s windows smashed by rocks.

“Following the protests that took place in Yaffo on Tuesday evening, violations of public order were recorded, which included burning of garbage bins and tires, throwing of stones at vehicles and police officers,” the police said in a statement. “Large police forces are in the area, working to restore order.”