Muslim terrorist confesses to raping, murdering 19-year-old Israeli girl Ori Ansbacher

Muslim terrorist who brutally murdered and raped Israeli girl Ori Ansbacher seeks plea deal

The Muslim terrorist who brutally raped and murdered 19-year-old Israeli girl Ori Ansbacher in a horrific terror attack in February 2019, confessed to the charges against him after calling his mother from a courtroom.

The terrorist’s defense attorney said at the start of the hearing that his client was unwilling to cooperate until he was allowed a phone call with his mother. The court granted the request and immediately after speaking to his mother, the terrorist pled guilty to the charges.

Muslim terrorist Arafat Irafaya (29), brutally raped and murdered Ori Ansbacher last February in a horrific terror attack in Jerusalem.

He told investigators that he did not plan the terror attack in advance, aside from purchasing a kippah so he could enter into Israel undetected in order to murder a Jew.

The Muslim terrorist left his home in Hevron hiding a knife in his clothes, saw the victim in the forest, attacked and killed her. When he crossed the forest near Ein Yael, the first person he met was 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher, who was sitting on a rock and writing in a notebook and decided he would have sex with her “whether she agreed to it, or not.”

He stabbed Ori three times and dragged her as she tried to resist and yelled, before gagging her with her own scarf and binding her hands. He then raped her and stabbed her further.

The terrorist’s family has ties with Hamas and the 29-year-old terrorist was imprisoned in Israel in the past for incitement.

In a joint operation, the Yamam special anti-terror unit and the IDF, the terrorist was caught alive a day after, near a mosque in Ramallah.