Syria: 12 Iran-backed terrorists eliminated in Israeli drone strikes targeting Iranian weapons

BREAKING: Twelve Iran-backed terrorists were eliminated overnight in alleged Israeli drone-strikes targeting a Revolutionary Guard terror group site in the Deir Ezzor area in eastern Syria, near the Iraqi border.

According to a war watchdog, the Iranian positions were drone-bombed with eight missiles just before midnight, destroying weapons, vehicles and ammunition.

Syrian sources report that three days earlier, Iranian-backed Iraqi and Afghan terrorists crossed over the border in 30 vehicles and arrived at an Iranian base in Mayadeen city in eastern Syria.

The convoy carried reinforcements, ammunition and logistical equipment.

Two days earlier, at least nine Iran-backed terrorists were eliminated in alleged Israeli airstrikes targeting a weapons development and research infrastructure belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard terror group outside Masyaf.

Massive damage was reportedly caused to the complex, used by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah terrorists to manufacture chemical arms and precision-guided missiles.

Another five Iranian-proxy terrorists were eliminated last week in alleged Israeli airstrikes on a weapons depot belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terror group near the Syrian-Iraqi border town of Al-Bukamal.

Israel has acknowledged carrying out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria in recent years, most of them aimed at arms shipments to be headed from Iran to its Shiite proxy Hezbollah.