Outrage: Gantz cancels order forbidding PA banks to pay salaries to Muslim terrorists who murdered Jews

In an outrageous move, Defense Minister and Alt Prime Minister Benny Gantz suspended the order forbidding Palestinian Authority banks to pay salaries to convicted Muslim terrorists and their families, less than a month after the IDF Central Commander signed the order.

The PA paid out NIS 517 million in 2019 to Muslim terrorists in Israeli prisons and their families, as well as the families of terrorists eliminated during terror attacks.

Last month, banks operating in the PA began closing the accounts of convicted Muslim terrorists and their families, following an order signed by Gen. Nadav Padan imposing sanctions on banks for financially rewarding terrorism.

Under the new law —now suspended by Gantz—, liability for the funds the PA transfers to convicted terrorists and their families falls not just on the recipients, but on the banks that receive them and their employees. It also allows Israel to confiscate the stipends deposited into these accounts.

Speaking to KAN radio, Likud MK Avi Dichter blasted his own government’s decision saying: “the message from this decision is bad… The law is not a mere recommendation, not for the prime minister and not for anyone else.”

“Funds for terrorists are fuel for the terrorist machine against Israel. The war on finance is a war on terror,” Dichter added.