China: Kindergarten security guard stabs at least 39 children and staff in horrific knife attack

BREAKING: A school security guard stabbed at least 37 children and two adults in a horrific knife attack at a kindergarten in southern China. The motive of the stabbing spree remained unclear.

The violent attack occurred this morning at around 8 am in Wuzhou’s Wangfu town. Three people – a child, deputy principal and another security guard – have been seriously injured.

Many of the children have suffered knife wounds to their heads, shoulders and arms.

According to reports, the attacker is a man surnamed Li, and he is approximately 50 years old. He was arrested, according to Chinese state media.

Multiple ambulances and police forces responded to the attack.  Video footage from the scene shows students being transported to local hospitals to receive treatment.

Kindergartens and elementary schools in China have been attacked several times before by suspects authorities have said were mentally ill or bore grudges against their neighbors and society.

In June 2017, a 22-year-old Muslim terrorist blew himself up at the front gate of a Jewish kindergarten in eastern China as relatives were waiting to pick up children at the end of the school day.