5 Jordanian terrorists on trial for plotting a massacre to murder Jews

Five Jordanian Muslim terrorists are standing trial in their home country for planning suicide attacks against Israeli targets, such as Israeli buses traveling on Judea-Samaria roads.

The terror cell leader visited Gaza in 2007, where he was trained in preparing bombs and explosive vests. He returned to Jordan after three years. Seven years later, he managed to recruit four other local Jordanian terrorists and together they started to plot their infiltration and the mass murder of Jews.

According to a Jordanian official, the terrorists’ trial began last February at a Jordanian military court that handles terrorist crimes. They were arrested earlier that month.

It still was unclear why the terrorists’ identities and their arrest have been kept under wraps until now. Israel has not commented on the issue at this time.

The report of their arrest comes amid Israeli-Jordanian tensions over Israel’s intention to apply sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and parts of Judea and Samaria in early July.