IAI tests ballistic missile – PM Netanyahu: Good news for Israelis and bad news to our enemies

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) released a video unveiling a new ballistic anti-ship missile that performed two tests at the sea, successfully hitting floating targets from 400 km (248 miles) and 90 km (56 miles).

“Under both scenarios, the missile was launched to its trajectory, navigated its course to the target, and hit it with utmost precision,” the company said in a statement.

Parallel to our war on coronavirus, we keep safeguarding Israel’s security – in defense and in offense. Well done to IAI and the defense establishment. This successful trial is good news for Israelis and bad news to our enemies!, PM Netanyahu said. 

The Long-Range Artillery Weapon System -LORA, was developed by IAI’s Systems, Missiles & Space Group, also known by the Hebrew acronym MALAM, which is best known for its air defense systems, including the Arrow 2 and 3 and the Barak 8.

“The complex trial, performed under COVID-19 limitations, demonstrated the advanced capabilities of both IAI and LORA, our strategic missile system. The trial was executed according to a fully functional design, which tested the system’s maneuvering, strike, and precision, as well as technological developments and enhancements introduced by our engineers,” said Boaz Levy, an IAI vice president and head of the Systems, Missiles & Space Group.