Security incident underway as tensions rise on the Israel-Lebanon border

HAPPENING NOW: Lebanese Army soldiers are facing off with IDF troops near the town of Adaisseh, next to the Blue Line.

IDF tanks were reportedly deployed while Lebanese troops were seen pointing RPG launchers at the tanks.

According to Lebanese reports, an IDF tank crossed the border fence located inside Israel, near the town of Adaisseh.

Additional reports of IDF troops operating within the blue line near the town of Meiss El Jabal.

A video of the standoff shows UNIFIL forces waving flags.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said the presence of armed Lebanese military personnel is not unusual during Israeli patrols in Lebanon’s territory.

Avichay Adraee, the IDF Arabic language spokesman, posted a video on Twitter on Monday, pointing out the increase in the number of infiltration attempts along the Israel-Lebanon border and adding that the IDF had intensified its operations along the border in response.

“We expect the Lebanese government and the international forces operating in southern Lebanon to impose their control and prevent these attempts,” tweeted Adraee.

Hezbollah released last month a training video showing its Muslim terrorists running fire drills and practicing combat, with targets painted with a Star of David.

Hezbollah plans to invade Israeli territory, mainly through tunnels under the border fence, and carry out terror attacks along the northern Galilee.

Videos of their training are shared by other Muslim terror groups and Islamic nations aligned with the terror group, mainly Iran and its proxies.