Egypt: 19 Muslim terrorists eliminated during counter-terrorism raids in North Sinai

BREAKING: Egyptian security forces eliminated at least 19 ISIS terrorists during counter-terrorism operations in northern Sinai. Five soldiers were killed when an explosive device planted by Muslim terrorists hit their vehicle.

Col. Tamer el-Rifai said in a statement that the raids and airstrikes took place last week in the towns of Bir al-Abed, Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah, on the Gaza–Egypt border.

The statement said the army had eliminated three “extremely dangerous” terrorists as well as 16 others in precision airstrikes on their terrorist hideouts.

Forces dismantled at least five explosive devices and destroyed two jeeps and a warehouse.

Troops also recovered troves of automatic rifles, hand grenades and rocket-propelled grenades.

Two officers, including a colonel and a lieutenant, and three conscript soldiers were killed when an explosive device hit their vehicle on Saturday while taking part in a counter-terrorism operation in central Sinai.

Hundreds of Muslim terrorists have been eliminated by the Egyptian army, backed by police and other security forces since it launched a wide-scale operation in February 2018 aimed at eradicating terrorists, mostly members of ISIS or ISIS-linked terror groups in the Sinai peninsula. The operation is still ongoing.