Jerusalem: 8 Muslim terrorists arrested for harassing Jewish visitors on Temple Mount after reopening

BREAKING: The Temple Mount has reopened for worshipers and visitors for the first time after more than two months in which entry was banned due to coronavirus regulations.

Jerusalem police forces arrested eight Muslim terrorists who came to the Temple Mount area to harass Israeli visitors while calling for the genocide of the Jewish people.

Singing “allahu akbar, we’ll protect al-Aqsa with our souls and blood”, a group of jihadists was welcomed by the mosque’s director, who thanked them for their patience.

According to Health Ministry regulations, people entering are checked for temperature and are required to wear face masks.

The mosques at the Temple Mount will remain closed for visitors, but prayers will be held in the open in marked sections, each holding up to 50 people.

Jewish Temple Mount activists, including former lawmakers Yehudah Glick, Shuli Mualem and former minister Uri Ariel, arrived this morning to the Temple.