IDF arrests 3 Sudanese nationals attempting to invade Israel from Lebanon

BREAKING: IDF forces arrested three Sudanese nationals who were trying to cross from Lebanon into Israeli territory. The invaders were arrested as they tried to make it over the security fence.

An IDF spokesperson said the Sudanese men were being tracked the whole time and it was not a terrorist-related event.

Flares were reported over the area shortly before the arrest.

Earlier today, the IDF fired towards Hezbollah terrorists who approached the border fence near Sheeba Farms. No injuries reported.

Hezbollah released last week a training video showing its Muslim terrorists running fire drills and practicing combat, with targets painted with a Star of David.

Hezbollah plans to invade Israeli territory, mainly through tunnels under the border fence, and carry out terror attacks along the northern Galilee.

Videos of their training are shared by other Muslim terror groups and Islamic nations aligned with the terror group, mainly Iran and its proxies.