Syria: Loud explosion, alleged Israeli strike on Iranian terror target in Aleppo

A loud explosion was reported in the early hours of Saturday morning near the Madfa’iyat al-Ramouseh area in southern Aleppo.

According to Arab reports, Israeli fighter jets bombed a facility belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terror group in al-Ramouseh.

Sources say that Israel’s escalating strikes on Syria are part of a shadow war sanctioned by Washington and part of the anti-Iran policy that has undermined Iranian terrorism in the last two years, without triggering a major escalation.

Israel has acknowledged carrying out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria in recent years, most of them aimed at arms shipments to be headed from Iran to its Shiite proxy Hezbollah.

After alleged Israeli strikes in Damascus last month, Defense Minister Naftali Bennet said: “We have moved from containing Iran’s military presence in Syria to expulsion.”