IDF soldier Amit Ben Ygal, murdered by Muslim terrorists, laid to rest

Hundreds gathered Tuesday afternoon at the military section of the cemetery in Beer Yaakov for the funeral of Golani Brigade Staff Sergeant Amit Ben Yigal HY’D, murdered by Muslim terrorists who dropped a large rock on his head during a counter-terrorism operation in Samaria.

“I love you so much. My son is a hero,” Ben-Ygal’s mother, Nava Revivo, cried out over his grave. “I’ll be strong. Guard us from above.”

“You changed my life. My firstborn child. My beloved child. Your sisters don’t understand what’s happening. We’ll preserve your memory, your happiness, your love,” she said.

Ben-Ygal’s father also eulogized the slain soldier, his only child.

“Amit isn’t an only child. He has millions of other siblings who are sad, who admire him and who know our lives in the Land of Israel depend on the courage of Amit and his friends,” Baruch Ben-Ygal said.

“I saw the photos of Amit today, always smiling, someone who raised the moral of those around him and knew that joy is contagious. But he wasn’t innocent, and he knew very well what he was dealing with and what the dangers were for him,” Defense Minister Naftali Bennett eulogized Amit.

At around 4 am, a unit from the Golani Reconnaissance Battalion arrived at the Arab village of Ya’bad near Jenin in northern Samaria to arrest four wanted Muslim terrorists.

About half an hour later, a large stone was dropped on them from a rooftop, critically injuring 21-year-old staff Seargent Amit Ben Yigal.

The IDF says he was wearing a helmet. He was evacuated via helicopter to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, where he was pronounced dead.

IDF troops are currently operating inside Ya’bad to locate the Muslim terrorists who murdered Staff Seargent Amit.