Afghanistan: At least 38 killed after Muslim terrorists storm Kabul maternity hospital and funeral

BREAKING: At least 14 people have been murdered, including two newborn babies, mothers and nurses after Muslim terrorists stormed a maternity hospital in Kabul in the jihad month of Ramadan.

At least 15 others were wounded during the terror attack on the hospital compound in the capital, where Medecins Sans Frontieres runs a maternity clinic.

Afghan forces have evacuated dozens and ended the siege, eliminating the three gunmen behind the deadly terror attack.

Three Muslim terrorists wearing police uniforms entered the 100-bed hospital throwing grenades and shooting.

At least 24 people have been killed and dozens more wounded today in another terror attack in eastern Afghanistan after a Muslim terrorist detonated a bomb in the middle of a funeral ceremony.

Mourners had gathered for the funeral of the commander of the district’s police force, Shaykh Akram, who died of a heart attack on Monday night when the terrorist struck.

So far, no terror group has claimed the attacks.

The terror attacks come just a day after four roadside bombs exploded in a northern district of Kabul, wounding four civilians including a child.

The bombings were later claimed by ISIS.