Israeli security cabinet held top secret meeting over Iranian cyberattack on Water Authority sites

The Israeli security cabinet held a top secret meeting on Thursday to discuss an Iranian cyberattack on Israeli water authority sites last month, Channel 13 reports.

The attack targeted several Water Authority facilities and was thwarted by the authority’s cyber division. However, the government sees the attack as a major escalation by the Iranians and the crossing of a red line since it targeted civilian facilities, which is against every ethic and every code even in times of war.

Following the attack, Israeli cybersecurity officials gave an immediate order to all sites affected to change passwords and take steps to stop any breach of their systems while some sites were instructed to go offline.

Daniel Lacker, who heads the Water Authority’s security department, reported the attack.

“We have received a number of reports regarding a cyber attack on the systems. No damage was reported during the incident,” he said.