Syria: Israeli helicopters bomb Iran-backed terror targets near Quneitra from the Golan

BREAKING: Israeli combat helicopters fired at least five missiles from the Golan towards an Iran-backed terror post in the town of Tel Ahmar in Quneitra.

SANA state media confirmed that Israel fired several missiles from helicopters at a target in southern Syria

Last month, the IDF revealed that an attempted sniper attack on Election Day in March was planned by Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists in cooperation with Assad forces from within a Syrian Arab Armed Forces military compound located in the demilitarized buffer zone in the Golan Heights.

“They were targeting IDF troops but what they didn’t know was that IDF troops had been targeting them”, the IDF said.

Earlier this week, at least four Iran-backed terrorists were eliminated in Israeli airstrikes targeting weapons depots and infrastructure belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terror group in the Damascus suburbs.

Hours after the strikes, Defense Minister Naftali Bennet said: “We have moved from containing Iran’s military presence in Syria to expulsion.”