Massacre thwarted in Denmark: Muslim terrorist arrested in counter-terrorism operation

BREAKING: A Muslim terrorist planning mass murder in Copenhagen has been arrested after Danish police, security and intelligence officials uncovered a terror plot.

Authorities in Denmark said Thursday they have carried out a coordinated counter-terrorism operation in Copenhagen to thwart a Muslim terrorist attack.

No further details were immediately available but police said they planned a news conference later in the day.

Last December, 20 Muslim terrorists who were involved in the preparation of a major terror attack, were arrested in a series of counter-terrorism raids across the country.

There has not been a terror-related attack in Denmark since 2015 when a Muslim terrorist of so-called Palestinian origin shot and murdered a man outside a cultural center that was hosting a debate on freedom of speech.

The terrorist later murdered a man outside a Jewish synagogue in the center of Copenhagen, before being eliminated by police during a shootout in the capital.

Danish authorities have reported foiling several terror attacks in recent years.