Germany bans Iran-backed Hezbollah, raids mosques and imam’s homes to find its Muslim terrorists

BREAKING: Germany completely banned Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah from its soil, as police raided mosques and venues linked to the terror group that openly calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people.

Like the European Union, Germany had until now only outlawed Hezbollah’s armed wing while tolerating its ‘political wing’. But in a shift immediately welcomed by the United States and Israel, the German interior ministry said it now considered the entire terror group a “Shiite terrorist organization”.

The move means that Hezbollah symbols are banned at gatherings and in publications or in the media and Hezbollah’s assets can be confiscated.

“Hezbollah is a terrorist organization deemed responsible for numerous attacks and kidnappings worldwide,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said.

In the early hours of the morning, dozens of police and special forces stormed mosques and imam’s homes in cities across Germany, including in Bremen, Berlin, Dortmund and Muenster.

The Al-Irshad mosque in Berlin was sealed off with at least 16 police vans parked outside. Masked police officers were seen walking in and out of the mosque.

Although Hezbollah has no official presence in Germany, security forces estimate it has roughly a thousand Muslim terrorists who are members of the terror group, currently living in the country.

The group’s “criminal activities and plannings for attacks are also taking place on German soil,” Seehofer said.

He also recalled that Hezbollah has openly called for “the violent destruction” of the State of Israel.

“It’s part of our historic responsibility that we use all means under the rule of law to act against this,” he said, in a nod to Germany’s responsibility for the Holocaust during World War II.

Israel, which with the United States had been pushing Germany to ban the terror group, praised the move.

“It is a very important decision and a valuable and significant step in the global fight against terrorism,” said Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

“I call on other European countries as well as the European Union to do the same. All the parts of Hezbollah, including the social, political and military wings are terror organizations and they should be treated as such,” he added.