Finland: Tombstones from beginning of last century vandalized in Jewish cemetery

Several tombstones were vandalized with swastikas, anti-Semitic text and images at the Jewish cemetery in the city of Hamina in Finland.

The antisemitic hate crime occurred during the last night, with tombstones desecrated and antisemitic graffiti sprayed on the scene.

These are tombstones from the beginning of the last century. Jewish soldiers who served in the Czar’s army before Finland gained independence in 1917, and passed away – were buried in the cemetery.

A community official said that in recent months there has been an increase in anti-Semitic incitement. The Nordic Resistance Movement, a neo-Nazi hate group, has been distributing stickers across Helsinki, blaming the Jews for the spread of coronavirus.

“The feeling is that the event that happened tonight also has to do with the expansion of the phenomenon across the continent, mainly due to increasing incitement on the social networks exploited by the same neo-Nazis. We can only hope that the authorities will act soon and there will be a proper response to such acts,” the official said.

Blood libels about Jews having a sinister role in global pandemics goes back at least to the Black Plague, when, during the period from 1348 to 1355, there were attacks on Jewish communities which were scapegoated for the epidemic.