France: Muslim terrorist rams car into 2 policemen ‘for ISIS and the palestinian cause’

A Muslim terrorist rammed his car and injured two police officers ‘for ISIS and the palestinian cause’ in the Parisian suburb of Colombes on Monday.

One of the police officers who were on motorbikes was seriously injured in the head. The other suffered injuries to the lower body.

The terrorist, identified as 29-year-old Yussef T., was arrested immediately after the attack. Upon interrogation, he admitted to deliberately ramming the officials. He said he “did it for ISIS” after watching a video about ‘palestine’.

Searches at his home in Colombes and of his car uncovered ‘a letter explaining his action with possible terrorist motives’ and a knife.

The terrorist was known to police, but not to France’s security services, according to the investigating sources.

In France, there had been a whole series of Muslim terror attacks with hundreds of deaths in recent years.