Iraq: 2 Muslim terrorists blow themselves up at intelligence HQ in Kirkuk

BREAKING: A Muslim terrorist was eliminated and another blew himself up at the headquarters of Iraq’s intelligence service in Kirkuk, injuring at least three security personnel.

According to initial reports, security forces spotted two suicide bombers wearing explosive belts before reaching the gate of Kirkuk Intelligence Directorate in Qadisiyah neighborhood and eliminated one of them, while the other detonated his explosive belt before reaching his target.

Three members of the security forces were lightly wounded in the blasts.

“If we didn’t spot the two suicide bombers before reaching their target, a massacre would have occurred among the security forces of the directorate,” a security source said.

While no terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack, ISIS has sharply increased its terror attacks on Iraqi security forces and Kurdish Peshmerga in recent weeks, including in Kirkuk.