Israel remembers her 23,816 fallen soldiers and 4,166 victims of terrorism

Tonight marks the beginning of Israel’s National Memorial Day, Yom HaZikaron.

We remember together the 23,816 fallen Israel soldiers and 4,166 victims of terrorism, who gave their lives so the State of Israel, the miraculous homeland of the Jewish people who rose from the ashes against all odds, will live.

Israeli flags decorated with black ribbon were placed on the graves of each fallen soldier in cemeteries across the country.

Military cemeteries are now closed and will remain closed to visitors until Thursday morning, as the country is placed on lockdown for Memorial and Independence day to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Memorial Day will begin at 8 pm, as a one-minute air raid siren wails across the entire country. The annual remembrance day, which begins every year at sundown, sees Israelis unite in honoring the memory of its dead. The day of mourning ends the following sundown when sadness gives way to the celebrations of Israel’s Independence Day.