Israel’s coronavirus death toll rises to 200

The number of coronavirus infections in Israel has risen to 15,398, an increase of only 100 people between Saturday night and Sunday morning, as the death toll reaches 200 on Sunday afternoon.

132 people are in serious condition, including 100 patients on ventilators.

93 patients are in moderate condition while 8,372 have light symptoms.

6,602 patients have recovered from the virus.

Citizens of the cities of Netivot and Bet Shemesh woke up Sunday morning to a stricter lockdown. Forces of the Southern District in Netivot and the Jerusalem District, as well as Central District forces in Bet Shemesh, will assist in distributing food to families.

The Israeli government on Friday morning passed new measures to ease the coronavirus restrictions. Small stores, hairdressers and beauty salons are open today. Restaurants and cafes can offer takeaway services.

Some 200 of the country’s biggest retailers have refused to reopen, demanding government compensation for lost revenue.

The government has rolled out a set of criteria to evaluate the next steps. If the country sees the number of patients per day increase to more than 300, over 300 people are seriously ill or the number of infected doubles in 10 days, then restrictions will be increased.