Muslim terrorist arrested after throwing a firebomb, setting fire to Jerusalem City Hall

BREAKING: A 40-year-old Muslim terrorist from East Jerusalem has been arrested after throwing a firebomb and setting fire to Jerusalem’s City Hall.

Eight teams of firefighters are battling the fire and searching for anyone who might be trapped in the building.

There are no immediate reports of injuries from the fire.

The fire began in the main building of the complex. Several people were evacuated, including those who work at the office of Mayor Moshe Lion.

Earlier today, a Muslim terrorist was shot and eliminated after ramming his vehicle into a Border Police officer and stabbing him near the Jewish community of Maale Adumim, East of Jerusalem.

Later, another Muslim terrorist rammed his car into a group of Border Police officers stationed at a checkpoint on Route 465, near the Jewish community of Ateret in Samaria. At least one officer was moderately wounded in the terror attack.

Once again, Muslim terrorists attempted to murder Jews by throwing rocks at vehicles traveling near the Jewish community of Tekoa in Gush Etzion.

Meantime, Israel approved a nationwide closure on Memorial Day, Independence Day and the Jihad month of Ramadan, as part of the emergency regulations to stem the spread of the coronavirus.