Name of Israeli Arab indicted with spying for Iran released for publication

BREAKING: A Muslim terrorist with Israeli citizenship who was arrested after being recruited by Iran for espionage and terrorism, was named as 50-year-old Ayman Haj Yahya, from the Arab city of Taybe in central Israel.

Yahya was indicted two weeks ago for espionage, terrorism and intention to commit treason.

The investigation by the Shin Bet and the police revealed that the Muslim terrorist had been in secret contact with Iranian intelligence officials and with a senior terrorist of the Lebanese Popular Front terror group Khaled Yamani, who worked for Iran.

The Shin Bet revealed that the Muslim terrorist met several times with Iranian intelligence agencies. He received funds, training, covert encryption tools and codes to communicate with his handlers after returning to Israel.

As a part of the terrorist’s meeting with his handlers, he was asked to provide information on many issues, including security and strategic sites in Israel, how to deepen the rifts within Israeli society, finding other Muslim terrorists among Israeli Arabs and carrying out terror attacks against Israeli targets.

Ayman Yahya was in contact via Facebook with a Lebanese terrorist named Khaled Yamani.

The two met in Denmark in April 2018 and in Paris in September of the same year. The Lebanese terrorist supplied the Israeli-Arab with an encryption device, trained him in the use and instructed him to contact his Iranian handlers.

The Israeli-Arab terrorist traveled to Hungary in February 2020, where he had three meetings with two men who identified themselves as Iranian terrorists.