Shameful ingratitude: Israel helps the PA with critical equipment as incitement against the Jewish state continues

Israel helps the Palestinian Authority with critical equipment, medical training and know-how to fight the coronavirus as PA’s Minister of Health Dr. Mai Alkaila continues to spread lies and incite against the Jewish state while exploiting the crisis.

“So, behind closed doors she thanks Israel and asks for more assistance and critical equipment but in front of the cameras she keeps lying and inciting unashamedly. This is the ultimate hypocrisy,” Ofir Gendelman, PMO’s spokesperson to the Arab media tweeted.

There are 278 cases of coronavirus in the Arab territories of Judea and Samaria, with two deaths. Israel loaned money to the PA to help avert a coronavirus economic and humanitarian crisis. Israeli officials said they fear an outbreak and want to ensure that the PA is equipped to handle the crisis.

Meantime, the PA has been mounting a campaign of incitement, accusing the IDF of deliberately spreading the virus in the Arab territories.

According to reports, Israeli defense officials sent very strong warning messages to Ramallah last week, saying that if the anti-Israel incitement does not stop, Israel will take action, including by reducing security cooperation and by limiting the freedom of action of PA security officials.

On Thursday evening, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman announced that the Trump administration will give $5 million to Palestinian Authority hospitals to help them with the threat posed by the virus.

Sources within the administration clarified that the funding decision is part of a broader effort to fight the coronavirus in the Middle East and around the world and not a policy change on aid cuts.