Iran: Commander Salami unveils magnetic device ‘that can detect coronavirus within 100-meter radius’

BREAKING: The chief of the IRGC Hossein Salami said that his terror group has developed a homemade handheld radar-like magnetic device “that can detect any spot or person infected with coronavirus within a 100-meter radius”, without any need for blood tests.

Speaking on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony of the ‘coronavirus detection device’, commander Salami said, “this new achievement is an emerging and unique scientific-technological phenomenon that was fully developed by IRGC’s Basij forces after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country.”

The device has been equipped with an antenna, he said, adding, “a bipolar virus has been designed inside the device and its antenna is placed in front of the contaminated area up to 100m distance and can detect the contaminated area in five seconds using a magnetic field.”

The device does not require blood tests and it works well from a distance, commander Salami said. It is used for mass screening and can detect the contaminated surfaces and people who are infected, he continued.

Moreover, this device can act as a smart disinfectant, so that there will be no need to disinfect non-contaminated areas, Commander Salami stated.

This device has been tested in various hospitals with more than 80 percent accuracy and can be a very good basis for any kind of virus, he added.

Tehran has confirmed almost 75,000 cases of coronavirus and almost 4,700 deaths, though public health experts estimate the real toll to be significantly higher.

The mullahs tried to distract Iranians from their own failure to handle the crisis by spreading antisemitic conspiracies about the “US-engineered” virus.

The Islamic regime also promoted false cures, which led hundreds of Iranians to blind and even kill themselves by consuming industrial alcohol.