Iran’s terrorists donate 20% of their salaries to the poor — due to coronavirus and terrorism

Senior Muslim terrorists of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terror group have decided to donate 20% of their salaries to people who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus after the Islamic regime invested money for the health and wellbeing of the Iranian people in regional terrorism.

The commanders will continue to donate 20 percent of their monthly salaries until the coronavirus crisis ends in Iran, IRGC Spokesperson Ramezan Sharif announced on Sunday.

Tehran has confirmed more than 71,000 cases and almost 4,500 deaths, though public health experts estimate the real toll to be significantly higher.

The mullahs tried to distract Iranians from their own failure to handle the crisis by spreading antisemitic conspiracies about the “US-engineered” virus.

The regime also promoted false cures, which led hundreds of Iranians to blind and even kill themselves by consuming bootleg methanol.