101 fatalities, 10,743 Israelis infected with coronavirus, 175 in serious condition

The number of coronavirus infections in Israel has risen to 10,743 as of Saturday evening, with 101 fatalities and 175 people in serious condition, including 129 patients on ventilators.

154 patients are in moderate condition while 8,972 have light symptoms.

1,341 patients have recovered from the virus.

Under a new directive approved by the Health Ministry, all Israelis will have to wear face masks in public as of Sunday at 7 am. However, a police official said they will not be able to enforce this order “since there is no sanction or fine set on not enforcing the order. All a policeman can do is ask a person to wear the mask.”

PM Netanyahu ordered to halt all air travel to Israel after it emerged that passengers arriving via special rescue flights are not being taken to an isolation facility.

The government lifted some of the restrictions imposed for Passover on most of the country and Israeli citizens returned to the pre-Passover coronavirus directives. People are still expected to work from home and not to stray further than 100 meters from home.

The closure on Bnei Brak has been extended for five days. Residents can go out to work, receive medical care, for the funeral of a member of their close family or transfer a minor between divorced parents.