US offers $10 million for information on Hezbollah terrorist in Iraq

The United States is offering $10m for information on Hezbollah terror group commander Sheikh Mohammad al-Kawtharani, who was an associate of the eliminated Iranian arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

Kawtharani was branded a “global terrorist” by the US in 2013 for funding Muslim terror groups in Iraq and helping transport Iraqi terrorists to Syria to join dictator Bashar al-Assad’s effort to put down a revolt against his rule.

Announcing the reward, the U.S. State Department said Kawtharani had “taken over some of the political coordination of Iran-aligned paramilitary groups” formerly organized by Soleimani.

“In this capacity, he facilitates the actions of groups operating outside the control of the Government of Iraq that have violently suppressed protests, attacked foreign diplomatic missions, and engaged in wide-spread organized criminal activity,” it said in a statement.

The State Department said it was offering the sum for information on Kawtharani’s activities, networks and associates as part of an effort to disrupt the financial mechanisms of the Lebanese-based Hezbollah terror group.