IDF opens fire on Gaza boat invading Israel’s maritime border

BREAKING: IDF naval forces fired rubber bullets towards a boat that invaded Israel’s maritime border north of Gaza, reportedly injuring two fishermen.

The IDF confirmed that troops opened fire towards a vessel off the northern Gaza coast, but did not confirm any injuries.

Yesterday, IDF troops also reportedly shot and injured a Gazan with rubber bullets, after entering a restricted fishing area.

Gaza boats are limited to 15 nautical miles offshore as a part of a legal blockade meant to prevent Muslim terrorists from invading Israel in order to murder Jews and weapons from being transferred into the hands of terrorists, including the ruling Hamas terror group.

Gaza has reported 13 cases of coronavirus. Hamas terror group has closed schools, mosques, wedding halls and banned large gatherings but not moved to impose a lockdown on Gaza’s 2 million residents, saying it was not yet necessary.