PM Netanyahu in Passover message to the Jewish people: I want you to remember our shared destiny

PM Netanyahu issued a Passover greeting to the Jewish people around the world, ahead of the start of the holiday.

To all the Jewish people around the world, I want to send you wishes for a happy Passover!

That’s strange because this Passover is different from all other Passovers. I know that there is not a section of the globe that is not afflicted with Corona, and it requires all of us to change our way of living, our way of life, and our way of celebrating even ancient holidays like Passover.

This has got to be a first. Perhaps with the exception of the first Passover. Because we were sitting ensconced in the homes in Egypt and we hoped that the pestilence would pass over our homes.

Well, this is exactly what we in Israel are doing today and probably what many of you are doing in the Diaspora.

So I ask you first, to abide by the directions that are given by your respective governments and health ministries, but equally, I want you to remember our shared destiny. That shared destiny that has enabled the Jewish people to overcome the greatest trials and tribulations since the beginning of time, or since the beginning of our recorded time.

We’ve overcome so many challenges. We have reestablished our state. We have reestablished our independence, and we’ve formed one of the greatest societies on Earth: the State of Israel. That is your home and will always be your home.

Please celebrate Passover with your close family, and please remember that we are holding our hearts for you every day, and especially this day.

Thank you. Chag Sameach!