71 fatalities, 9,404 Israelis infected with coronavirus – Passover curfew to begin at 3 pm

The number of coronavirus infections in Israel has risen to 9,404 as of Wednesday morning, with 71 fatalities, 147 people in serious condition, including 122 patients on ventilators.

199 people remain in moderate condition and another 7,195 people are in light condition.

801 people have made a full recovery.

The government approved additional emergency restrictions on Tuesday in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in Israel during the Passover period.

Until April 12, there will be no public transportation, only cabs. Israelis cannot travel more than 100 meters from home, including to walk their dogs.

Deliveries, going to supermarkets and grocery stores will be allowed on Wednesday until 15:00.

Israel police significantly increased the number of checkpoints on Tuesday, including neighborhood checkpoints, in an attempt to prevent people from leaving their homes.

The checkpoints will be tightened further on Wednesday when a large number of checkpoints will be deployed on both main roads and city exits.

The Health Ministry signed a public health order requiring all persons in any place that is not their home to cover their mouth and nose with a mask.