PM Neatanyahu announces full lockdown for Passover – 59 fatalities, 9,006 Israelis infected with coronavirus

The number of coronavirus infections in Israel has risen to 9,006 by Tuesday morning, with 59 fatalities and 153 people in serious condition, including 113 patients on ventilators.

181 people remain in moderate condition and another 7,930 people are in light condition.

683 people have made a full recovery.

PM Netanyahu addressed the nation last night to update Israelis on the government’s latest guidelines for fighting the coronavirus, saying that Israelis would be barred from leaving their homes during the first night of Passover, as part of a full lockdown over the holiday.

Beginning at 4 pm Tuesday, Israelis will not be able to leave the communities where they live until Friday at 7 am, Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu reported that the Health Ministry does see a slowdown in the spread of COVID-19 and that there are “positive signs on the horizons.” He said that the country is “making plans for exit strategies” but that these would only take place after the holiday.

“On Passover we commemorate the exodus from Egypt, overcoming crises, overcoming Egypt. I grew up on the marvelous poem of Zeev Jabotinsky, the Betar Song. In it, he writes: ‘Tenacity through all obstacles and enemies.’ This is what we are doing today.

“In every generation, we have overcome challenges and it seems that in the past 100 years we have not seen a challenge such as this, but I know that even though this is a global challenge being experienced by all humanity, I know that we are getting through it together and that we are getting through it successfully. Together we are writing a hard chapter but it is a great chapter in the history of our people and state.

Citizens of Israel, I would like to wish all of you a happy and kosher Passover. I want to bless all of you that we should get through this trouble together and emerge from quarantine to freedom. Happy holiday,” PM Netanyahu concluded.