Hamas terror group leader threatens to massacre Israelis if there are not enough ventilators for Gaza patients

BREAKING: Hamas terror group chief Yahya Sinwar threatened to massacre Israeli civilians if there are not enough ventilators for the coronavirus patients in Gaza.

“When we need ventilators, I tell Bennett, we will make six million Israelis unable to breathe,” he said in an interview with a Hamas television channel.

Sinwar, a Muslim terrorist who was freed in the Shalit terrorists release, also referred to a possible terrorists release deal with Israel: “We are ready to make partial concessions on our prisoners’ issue in exchange for Israeli release of elderly prisoners [convicted Muslim terrorists] as a humanitarian gesture in light of the corona crisis.”

“We are monitoring the health situation of our terrorists in Israeli prisons and may take harsh actions [murder Jews] if the Israelis do not take care of their health”, the terror group chief added.

Daily life has been disrupted for millions with the coronavirus outbreak, but the regular operations of transferring goods to Gaza continue.

Earlier this week, the COGAT coordinated the transfer of medical equipment and laboratory materials to Gaza, at the request of the World Health Organization (WHO), which are needed to carry out hundreds of tests to identify and detect coronavirus among patients.

The equipment was transferred through the Erez humanitarian crossing into Gaza and is one of many previous shipments of testing kits, laboratory materials and equipment, which have been shipped to Gaza by the international community in coordination and assistance from COGAT and the Gaza CLA.