Mossad operation brings to Israel 8 million masks, 27 ventilators – Coronavirus toll rises to 4,831 and 18 fatalities

BREAKING: As a result of a joint effort between the Mossad -Israel’s National Intelligence Agency-, Ministry of Health, PMO, Ministry of Defense and the IDF, 27 ventilators and 8 million masks arrived in Israel to help fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Another 180 ventilators are expected to be brought to Israel tomorrow.

Health Ministry officials warned of a shortage in ventilators following estimates that up to 5,000 people will require respiratory assistance.

Earlier this month, the Mossad succeeded in bringing to Israel 100,000 coronavirus test kits from abroad.

The Mossad’s Cyber Division is also assisting the Health Ministry in writing unique software and applications for dealing with the outbreak.

The agency stepped in as part of the comprehensive effort, encompassing all the state intelligence and security agencies, to curb the spread of the virus.

Two women, one 49 years old, the other 50, both suffering from underlying health conditions, died from coronavirus on Tuesday, bringing the tally of deaths to 18.

The women are the youngest reported to have died from the virus in Israel so far.

The number of coronavirus infections in Israel has risen to 4,831 as of Tuesday morning. 83 people in serious condition, another 95 in moderate condition and the vast majority of cases in light condition.

163 people have completely recovered from the virus.

Speaking from quarantine in his house after one of his advisers tested positive for coronavirus, PM Netanyahu announced Monday evening significant restrictions on the public, which include barring public gatherings of more than two people who are not in the same immediate family.

About 600 IDF soldiers and commanders from training bases will help Israel Police enforce the Health Ministry restrictions. The soldiers will wear an Israeli flag tag and will not be armed, their commanders will be.

The commander of the Golani Brigade’s training told his soldiers that  “we trained you to fight against enemies in Lebanon, Syria, Judea, and Samaria and Gaza. This time you are fighting a slightly different enemy- the coronavirus. We have to complete the mission the best and most professional way, it’s our duty.”