North Korea fires missile towards Japan

BREAKING: North Korea has fired a missile towards Japan. The projectile was launched into the East Sea this evening, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

If confirmed, today’s test would be the fourth this month – with previous launches having taken place on March 20 and 9.

According to South Korea’s military, the US and China have appealed for Pyongyang to return to talks on ending its nuclear and missile programs.

North Korea is soliciting coronavirus aid from other countries while publicly denying it has any confirmed infections. It’s highly unlikely that there are no cases, as the country has a long border with China, where the virus originated.

Kim’s rogue regime also announced on Saturday it will hold a session of the Supreme People’s Assembly, its so-called legislature, which would involve gathering almost 700 of the country’s leaders in one spot.

The decision has raised eyebrows from world leaders who are currently advising citizens to implement social distancing measures as the coronavirus spread worldwide.