Norway: Senior Muslim terrorist delivered to coronavirus-ravaged Italy

After a long legal battle, Senior Muslim cleric and convicted terrorist Mullah Krekar has been finally extradited to coronavirus-ravaged Italy, where he was sentenced last year to 12 years in prison for planning terror attacks.

Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, known by his jihadi name Mullah Krekar, came to Norway as a refugee from Iraq in 1991.

The 63-year-old jihadist was the original leader of the armed terror group Ansar al-Islam, which was set up and perpetrated terror attacks in northern Iraq while he had refugee status in Norway.

Since February 2003, the Muslim jihadist has a deportation order against him, which was suspended pending the Iraqi government guarantees that he will not face torture or execution.

He was declared a threat to national security in Norway more than 15 years ago, not least after uttering death threats to now-Prime Minister Erna Solberg, both in the early 2000s and three years prior to her becoming prime minister.

The threat made against Solberg in 2010 was answered with demands that the cleric must be jailed or deported, and people were outraged when the Muslim terrorist was allowed to stay in Norway.

In July 2019 he was convicted by an Italian court of leading a Muslim terror group. His lawyers challenged his extradition, citing the coronavirus pandemic.

“Krekar is no longer in Norway,” Justice Minister Monica Mæland said to national broadcaster NRK, adding that the jihadist had been “delivered to Italy”.

In celebration of having the Muslim terrorist finally deported, Progress Party politicians organized a cake party. It was decorated with a Norwegian and an Italian flag and included an ironic parting message for their old foe: “Good luck, Krekar!”