Senior Iran Revolutionary Guards terrorist dies of coronavirus

Hossein Asadollahi, a Muslim terrorist commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terror group, has died of coronavirus. However, Iranian state news agencies reported that Asadollahi died of “chemical injuries” sustained during the war with Iraq.

He is the last of at least 16 Iranian regime officials and top clerics to have died from the virus.

Asadollahi was in charge of the supply of missiles to Hezbollah terrorists in Syria and responsible for the project of upgrading their arsenal to high precision missiles.

Asadollahi had been responsible for the vicious crackdown on Tehran protesters against the Islamic regime last December, in which hundreds of people were killed.

Asadollahi had also been a key commander of Iranian forces supporting Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

A total of 129 people in Iran have died of coronavirus over the last 24 hours, pushing the death toll up to 1,685, according to the Iranian Health Ministry.

According to sources inside Iran, the death toll is higher than the figures being reported by the health ministry, estimating the number of fatalities closer to 9,000.

Dozens of Iranian Revolutionary Guard terrorists infected with coronavirus were seen transferred last night from Iran to a Lebanese hospital.