Gaza reports first 2 cases of coronavirus

BREAKING: Two Gazans who returned to the Strip from Pakistan last Thursday have been diagnosed with coronavirus, the Hamas-ruled Health Ministry announced.

The infected were among a number of Gazans who had been moved to quarantine at a hospital in the city of Rafah, near the border crossing with Egypt. The two have since been in isolation and did not come into contact with other Gazans.

A Health Ministry spokesman said the infected were two men aged 30 and 40, who were in stable condition.

The Hamas terror group-ruled Ministry of Health imposed a series of restrictions on gatherings at wedding halls, gyms, restaurants and cafes. Al Friday prayers in all mosques throughout Gaza were suspended until further notice.

Israel has been working to ensure the supply of medical supplies to Gaza, including facilitating the delivery of 500 WHO-funded coronavirus testing kits on Wednesday.

It is as yet unclear if Israel will allow seriously ill coronavirus patients to be transferred from Gaza.

In the Palestinian Authority, 52 cases have been diagnoses so far, the majority of them in Bethlehem.

As of Sunday morning, 945 Israelis have contracted coronavirus, with 20 people in serious condition.