PM Netanyahu: The people of Israel are now ordered to stay in their homes – Coronavirus tally up to 573

BREAKING: PM Netanyahu addressed the nation to update Israelis on the government’s latest guidelines for fighting the coronavirus, saying that it’s mandatory to stay home for the next week, with the exception of buying food, basic essentials, medicine and medical procedures.

Those whose work is defined by the government as “essential” will still be allowed to go to work, carrying an identification card in the case at all times.

The new partial nationwide closures will now be enforced by the police.

“The people of Israel are now ordered to stay in their homes. This is not a suggestion. This is not a recommendation. It is now a command.” The new restrictions will be enforced by the police. It will be put in place for 7 days,” PM Netanyahu said.

“The number of patients increases daily… We might end up with many fatalities,” Netanyahu said, calling on citizens to comply with the new regulations and vowing to expand further the number of tests carried out daily.

The number of Israelis infected with the virus climbed to 573 cases by Thursday evening, with six patients in serious condition.

The walls of Jerusalem’s old city were lit up tonight with Israeli flags in solidarity with the Israeli people and with the world in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

In a stunning display of solidarity today, thousands around Israel stood and loudly applauded the healthcare and medical professionals working tirelessly against the coronavirus to save lives.