Operation Sunbeam: IDF’s highly classified unit is preparing to combat Coronavirus

Cleared for Publication: Unit 81, one of the IDF’s most highly classified units is using its technological expertise to develop a breakthrough in the fight against coronavirus together with the Ministry of Health and MDA Israel’s national EMS.

Unit 81 is one of the IDF’s most highly classified units. They use technology in ways you couldn’t imagine to protect Israel. Although we have never tweeted about their work, their most recent mission to battle COVID19 has been cleared for release ” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

Unit 81 is adapting the BiPAP home ventilating device to be able to ventilate coronavirus patients. A prototype is currently underway.

The elite unit is also enabling ambulances to evacuate coronavirus patients by developing a special shield and separate ventilation to protect ambulance drivers.

In addition, Unit 81 is developing advanced information management software to improve the efficiency of lab checks for coronavirus testing kits.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi held a situational assessment with the General Staff regarding the ongoing pandemic and raised the military’s state of alert in order to deal with the crisis in the country.

The number of infected with the virus climbed to 573 cases by Thursday evening, with six patients in serious condition.