ISRAEL ON LOCKDOWN: Everyone should stay home and leave only if absolutely necessary

BREAKING: Israeli Health Ministry announced an almost total lockdown on the country as the number of people infected with the coronavirus rises to 324 and the Shin Bet began to digitally track and locate patients through their cell phones.

The new restrictions include Israelis not being allowed to leave their homes unless “absolutely necessary”.

The Health Ministry recommends having groceries delivered to the door and a maximum of 10 minutes outside if going for a walk.

“Do not leave your home. Only go to work or to purchase essential items, such as groceries, medicine or the like”, Health Ministry director-general Moshe Bar Siman Tov said.

“Safeguard yourself. Anywhere you go there could be a person with coronavirus. You could be infected and put others at risk. Our ability to beat coronavirus is largely dependent on you,” Bar Siman Tov added.

Social interactions should be conducted on the phone or by other digital means. Group sports, workout classes, visiting parks, beaches, pools, libraries and museums is now prohibited, the Ministry said.

Delivery services may only bring deliveries to the front door.

All dental procedures should be rescheduled unless it is an emergency.

Elderly people and those with respiratory conditions or weak immune systems should not leave their homes nor should they invite guests over.

All public transportation will stop every evening at 8 pm, and will not work on weekends.

The government amended and unanimously approved early Tuesday a motion allowing the Shin Bet security agency to use advanced digital monitoring tools to track and surveil Israelis infected with the coronavirus.

The regulations enable the authorities to collect any digital data, excluding the content of conversations, on either the carriers or those exposed to the virus.

All collected data will be deleted after the government lifts the state of emergency.

Israel now has 324 people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus. Five of the patients are in serious condition. So far, 11 recovered patients have been registered.

So far, Israel has not had any person die from the coronavirus.