Decades late, Amazon finally bans Hitler’s Mein Kampf and other Nazi propaganda

Amazon has banned the sale of most editions of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and other Nazi propaganda books from its store following decades of campaigns by Holocaust survivors, Jewish groups and charities.

Most editions of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi manifesto and other works by Nazi authors or writing encouraging anti-Semitism have been removed from the online retail giant’s website.

Recently, sellers of Nazi-authored books, including Mein Kampf, were informed they would be prohibited to do so because it breaks its code of conduct.

Several Kindle eBook editions of the Nazi leader’s memoir have been removed from the store, as well as his author page.

Other books that were banned included “The Poisonous Mushroom” and “The Mongrel,” both written by Nazi publisher Julius Streicher, who was later executed for crimes against humanity for managing a Nazi newspaper.

The Poisonous Mushroom, a children’s book allegorical in nature, attempts to draw a parallel between the Jewish people and the titular poisonous mushroom.

Leading Holocaust education charities and Jewish groups have campaigned since the late 1990s to stop Amazon from selling copies of Mein Kampf but the retailer had traditionally defended ‘the right of free speech’ and the need for students to understand Hitler’s thinking.

Amazon would not comment on what had prompted it to change its mind on the issue but a recent intervention to remove the books by the London-based Holocaust Educational Trust received the backing of leading British politicians.