IDF new safety measures prevent troops from leaving closed bases – 3,700 soldiers quarantined

BREAKING: The IDF announced new safety measures in a bid to prevent a coronavirus outbreak among the soldiers, preventing troops from leaving closed bases for the next month and checking the temperature of people visiting IDF bases.

The IDF said that the current main goal is limiting contact between soldiers and civilians and between troops. The measures were taken following extensive consultations with medicine and epidemiology experts.

Spokesperson Hidai Zilberman said that the IDF is continuing to draft new soldiers as scheduled, but is preparing for the possibility that the coronavirus may affect future enlistments, particularly those scheduled for this summer.

About 700 reservists almost all of them from the Home Front Command have been called up to assist the IDF in its efforts to counter the coronavirus outbreak.

Some 3,700 IDF troops and permanent servicemen, including a major general and an unspecified number of senior officers, were quarantined following the possible exposure to coronavirus.

The number of coronavirus cases in Israel has reached 344.

On Saturday evening, PM Netanyahu announced that all non-essential businesses, including restaurants, malls, cafes, entertainment facilities and schools, will be closing for at least five weeks to contain the coronavirus outbreak.