Iraq: 2 American soldiers, 1 British killed in Iranian-backed attack — 18 Muslim terrorists eliminated in US retaliatory strikes

BREAKING: Two American soldiers and one British are among a number of soldiers killed and at least 11 injured in an Iranian-backed rocket attack targeting the Taji military base, north of Baghdad.


At least 20 Katyusha rockets exploded inside the Taji base, which houses joint forces including Iraqi and American soldiers as well as other foreign forces from the US-led international coalition.

According to initial reports, a US soldier, a US contractor and one British soldier were in the attack.

A vehicle carrying the Katyusha launching pad was found in the Rashidyia area.

Local sources report airstrikes targeting Iranian-backed terror bases on the Iraq-Syria border in response to the rockets attack.

Several strikes reported in al-Sayyal, north of al-Bukamal, on the Syria-Iraq border.

Significant US Airforce activity reported over al-Anbar area.

Initial reports of explosions around al-Qaim.

Additional strikes reported at the Ali Imam Base, which is affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards terror group.

At least 18 Iranian-backed Iraqi terrorists were reportedly eliminated in US retaliatory strikes.

Israel has bombed the al-Bukamal area on Syria’s border with Iraq several times in the past months, as Iran has been moving its assets to locations closer to the border with Iraq, specifically.

Military bases hosting US troops in Iraq have been attacked by ballistic missiles from Iran and mortar shells launched almost daily by local Iran-backed terrorists, before and after the elimination of arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

The Katyusha multiple rocket launcher is an inexpensive type of rocket artillery that can deliver explosives to a target quicker than conventional artillery but is less accurate.

The US military has begun to withdraw small numbers of troops out of the Middle East after concluding that the threat of reprisal attacks from Iran or Iranian-backed terrorists has subsided, the WSJ reported yesterday. 

The US is trimming 90,000 across the region as Iran, ravaged by the coronavirus, hasn’t posed as large a threat as US officials once feared, the WSJ said.

US troops were sent to the Middle East in the last months amid rising tensions over Iran, particularly after the attacks on Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities in September, which were orchestrated by Tehran.

Additional US troops were sent following the elimination of arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Iran’s extra-territorial terror group Quds Force and one of the country’s most powerful figures.