US begins to cut its troops in the Middle East as Iran is ravaged by the coronavirus

BREAKING: The US military has begun to withdraw small numbers of troops out of the Middle East after concluding that the threat of reprisal attacks from Iran or Iranian-backed terrorists has subsided. 

The US is trimming 90,000 across the region as Iran, ravaged by the coronavirus, hasn’t posed as large a threat as US officials once feared, the WSJ reports.

US troops were sent to the Middle East in the last months amid rising tensions over Iran, particularly after the attacks on Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities in September, which were orchestrated by Tehran.

Additional US troops were sent following the elimination of arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Iran’s extra-territorial terror group Quds Force and one of the country’s most powerful figures.

At least 237 people have died and 7,161 have been infected with coronavirus across Iran since mid-February, although the real figures are believed to be far higher.

The Islamic Parliament was closed until further notice due to the virus outbreak among tens of MPs and an undisclosed number of regime officials.

Iran has sought to distract from the crises by claiming that the coronavirus is some kind of Israeli-American conspiracy against it and alleged that western media exaggerates the extent of the virus, while people are seen dying in the streets.

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