PM Netanyahu: Israel may impose quarantine on all citizens returning from abroad

BREAKING: PM Netanyahu held a discussion and assessment on the Coronavirus, as the total number of cases in Israel reaches 40 and for the first time, health authorities could not trace the source of the infection of one of the patients.

Netanyahu said that rather than expand the list of countries from which returning travelers will be required to enter home quarantine, Israel could extend the directive to the entire world and that decision would be made in the coming hours.

“If we take more steps, it will be on all countries.” “We’re not talking about closing our gates. We’re only talking about requiring quarantines for Israelis who return from abroad,” Netanyahu said.

“This is not an easy decision, but health, public health, must come first,” Netanyahu continued, saying that while he understood the concerns expressed about the economic impact of such drastic measures, “Without health there won’t be an economy”.

“We are working in three spheres. First of all, on the national sphere. The teams that are working in the Health Ministry and all the professional medical, research, and government teams are doing very serious, methodical, sophisticated and not simple work. This is hard decision-making but it is being done.

The second thing, of course, is international cooperation. I told you today about perhaps the most important cooperation with the US government that is really leading not only an American but a global effort and this is important. Tomorrow I will also hold a conference call with the leaders of countries in the Middle East. We are in the Middle East. These then are the international and the national spheres.

In the end, I would like to say a word to the people. In every appearance of mine, I reiterate and tell you to take the simplest steps. First, do not go around without tissues, always have them in your pocket.

The second and last thing, avoid shaking hands. I once played soccer, then if you want to touch shoes that is also possible. In my youth, I even learned Tae Kwon Do, then you can touch elbows – but avoid shaking hands.”